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I had been looking for an chance to set up on my own and came across the printanoffer franchise to what looked great, I was promised that I would receive flyers order forms a twiter account and facwbook account plus lots more.What did I get a recipt of payment when I purshed the franchise 3 months ago and then nothing. www.printanoffer is a *** and have stolen my money I would recomend everyone not to do business with this company.As you can imagine im not happy I work hard and used my savings to buy this franchise on the belief that the company would delier what was said. DONT FALL INTO THE SAME TRAP DONT USE www.printanoffer.com

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I too have been conned by this company.I bought a franchise from them last year and they took my payment, giving nothing in return.

I am now pursuing legal channels in order to get my money back. :(


To the Fife operator - please don't be angry with everyone else.

You are one of the lucky ones who actually got to run the business.We others just had our money taken and are entitled to be a 'pissed consumer'.

to veryangry Dunfermline, Scotland, United Kingdom #738015

Hi, I was the Fife operator.

It turns out they went bust and the owner was very dishonest about the whole thing. He strung me along for a while but I have now resigned and set up my own ltd company which will launch soon. I don't know how it went wrong for him but it certainly did.

The idea was a good one though - which is why I have set up www.squealadeal.co.uk

I will be looking at franchising this much improved model so if you want to chat you can get me at graeme@squealadeal.co.uk


I have also been duped by printanoffer.com! They are an immoral company to deal with and my advice to anybody is to stay well clear!!!!!! :(


Andrew, have you pursued legal advise???

to Eugene Murray #584909

can you email me at fife@printanoffer.com

I would like to know all about it as I am addressing some issues of my own.

I currently run a successful franchise in Fife but Tere are problems I would like to sort out.


I was also conned by printanoffer.com. All I can say is "pyramid scheme". Don't use them!

to witheld #584907

Pyrimid Scheme? What planet are you on???

It is nothing remotely similar to a pyrimid scheme.

It was a genuine franchise opportunity which I operate successfully in Fife.

I say was because something has gone wrong and I'm trying to get to the bottom of it. No doubt there are problems at head office in the present climate but it was not set up as a scam.

My franchise is working fine www.printanoffer.com/fife.

Please remember there are franchisees operating in various areas so restrict your comments to your dealings with head office and don't liable my personal franchise or you may well find yourself in the courts - for the wrong reason.

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